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askalobanner_esc.png Going to India should be on the "to do" list of everyone who loves to travel. This country has a heritage that goes back for around 5000 years and many different types of people are living in this grand part of Asia. With more than 1.21 billion persons living and working in India, you can be sure your travels will be full of unforgettable cultural experiences. Take a look at this interesting country here in this quick guest article on India and its tourism possibilities.

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi states
Some of the most popular tourist destinations in India are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi states. The first, Maharashtra, has Mumbai, the Ajanta Caves, the Ellora Caves, and Shirdi. The last location, Shirdi, is the revered place of Sai Baba. He is the most powerful saint of Maharashtra and the entire town centers on the activity at the temple dedicated to him. As for the other places, the Ajanta Caves are a great way to experience the past of the great country India. The Ajanta and Ellora caves have beautiful carvings in the rocks. The Ajanta caves in particular were created over a span of 600 years. There are 30 caves in total. The hair styles, textiles, ornaments and a nearly complete view of the historical culture can be seen in the caves of Ajanta. The other location, Mumbai, has the same popular title as New York City. It is called the "City that never sleeps". The city was known as Bombay in the past, and is the capital of Maharashtra.

pic.jpg Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu is one of the best places to visit in India. The people of Tamil Nadu say: "Do not live in a place where there is no temple." There are over 30,000 temples in this place. It has a very curious history with its age going back before the northern part of India. It is said that Tamil Nadu is a part of the Earth that joined Africa and Australia together. The culture of the area is something to seriously learn about. Eighty percent of the people there are following the Hindu religion. Many of the rest of them follow Islam and Christianity. Tamil is the name of the language spoken by the majority of the Indians in this province. There are many different cuisines to please the palate. The herbs and spice of India are plentiful in this part of the country and will provide a distinctive flavor for those traveling from different areas.

The Grand Taj Majal
The state of Delhi is world famous for its title as "The Capital of India". This is the location of the grand Taj Majal. A tour of Delhi is not complete without a trip to nearby Agra, where this famous temple is located. The Taj Majal is said to be from one of the most popular rulers of India named Shah Jahan. His great love for his second wife, Mumtaz Mahal, caused him to build this great and beautiful temple in her memory. She died giving birth to the Shah's fourteenth child. Tradition has it that because of his great sadness at the loss of Mumtaz his hair turned white in one night.

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