Symptoms of penile cancer - Canadian Cancer Society - Penis turned black

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There are many possible causes for penile discoloration, but you But there are other potentially serious reasons why your penis might turn a different color. . What Causes Black Spots on Scrotum and How Is It Treated? It’s characterized by small patches of dark skin on the penis.​ The spots or lesions of darker skin can form on the head or shaft of the penis.​ Other than the dark spots (also known as macules), there are no health symptoms associated with penile melanosis.

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By Ganos - 03:16
Sometimes a man's penis can turn a purple-red color. Mostly, this color change is benign. The penis may become purple whenever there is.
By Kilrajas - 00:10
Penile cancer, otherwise known as cancer of the penis, is cancer that affects the skin and tissue of the penis. In the United States, penile cancer is very rare.
By Gorg - 10:39
Symptoms of penile cancer include a growth or sore that doesn't heal and a discoloured area on the penis. Learn about the symptoms of penile cancer.
By Arashizil - 01:05
The tip of your penis may turn a deep red or purplish color before or during That can make your skin turn purple, blue, green, or even black.

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