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You can cut strips of zinc flashing (copper and lead work, too) and slide them under a course of roof shingles to kill lichen and moss growing there, or you could. Then we will explain our experience with copper, zinc strips. the ridge cap against both sides of all roof peaks for preventing mold, moss, lichen, and fungus.

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By Gogrel - 10:51
ZincShield Pure Zinc Strip to Avoid Ugly Roof Stains from Moss, Algae, . Made with % Pure Zinc and % Titanium and Copper (inert) for added.
By Vudolar - 07:23
If you have an existing roof with a moss problem, try zinc strips. Copper strips are supposed to work the same way. Zinc strips are also.
By Akishura - 02:40
For decades, zinc strips have been used to keep moss from growing on roofs. This is an explanation of how they work and how they are installed.
By Tolkis - 02:43
Zinc Strip Moss Control on roofs Zinc Strips kill moss. The moss dies and the roof stays moss free for 10 feet under a zinc strip for five years or so Metals like zinc, copper, and some kinds of galvanized steel are poisonous to simple plant life.

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