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Usually owing to age, ligaments in the breasts (called Cooper's ligaments) stretch out over time. This is typically due to gravity, though other. Ptosis or sagging of the female breast is a natural consequence of aging. The rate at which a woman's breasts drop and the degree of ptosis depends on many factors. The key factors influencing breast ptosis over a woman's lifetime are cigarette smoking, her number of pregnancies, gravity.

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By Meztibei - 10:48
Breasts are made up of both fatty and glandular tissue but over time several Unfortunately gravity works against you and pulls your boobs.
By Moogujas - 09:05
Ladies, fret as we may, some of us have (or will have) saggier breasts than others​. Some point their fingers at gravity and others at the bras we.
By Mauk - 01:59
Gravity does the rest – larger cup sizes, in particular, will start to sag over time. For the most part, breasts are made of fatty tissue, which is why it's challenging.
By Branris - 08:17
Breast sagging is one of the many natural body changes women experience Years of gravitational pull takes its toll, especially on women with larger breasts.

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