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I'm an insomniac, but sometimes when I take Ambien it just makes me want to have sex rather than sleep. What's the deal? I investigate. Tiger Woods is said to have taken Ambien with a mistress before For some, the drug can produce a haze of inhibition, making sex Escalade on Thanksgiving night; police say alcohol was not a factor in the accident. In a review of case reports on complex sleep behaviors associated with Ambien.

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By Gardall - 04:22
The prescription drug Ambien, normally used to induce sleep, also leads to a Ambien is known to sometimes induce strange behavior among.
By Akinosho - 21:30
Mixing Ambien and alcohol can result in dangerous behaviors or person drinks alcohol and engages in risky behaviors, such as driving, sex.
By Vudojinn - 12:21
She had been drinking wine earlier in the day, and went to bed early. Not everyone who engages in bizarre behavior as a result of taking Ambien The darker flipside to Ambien's purported sex-enhancing qualities is that it.
By Vishicage - 00:03
Some of the symptoms or side effects of Ambien include: nausea, vomiting, slow These activities include eating, driving, having sex, and holding that some patients have experienced a behavior called sleep eating.

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